After the relaxed ferry crossing, we arrived in Newcastle and drove across Scotland to the Isle of Sky.

From Perth it is a really wonderful route through the Highlands. Most of the main roads are like country roads in Germany. It goes along comfortably.

You don’t want to go any faster either, because the landscape is so breathtakingly beautiful. I would have wanted to just take photos the whole time, but only because I thought I couldn’t store all these beautiful landscape pictures in my head 😉 So I hardly took any photos in order to get completely involved in the landscape.

Maybe you know what it’s like: you’re preparing a trip and you’re really looking forward to it. You can’t wait for the time to come fast enough until it finally starts. Planning and great anticipation dominate the mood and the car is packed to the brim.

But then the last night before departure, uncertainty and even small fears creep in. Questions upon questions. Have I packed everything and forgotten nothing? I mentally go through the list … at night, when I should be sleeping to be well rested for the journey.

Then the question, what will it be like? Ray and I are alone in a house a few miles from Portree. The few houses around us are holiday homes and tend not to be inhabited at this time. Crazy I think – we are crazy to do that at this time of the year.

In the meantime we have checked in to the ferry Amsterdam-Newcastle in Ijmuiden Nethelands and moved into our cabin.
The joy of finally being on the road has pushed the fears aside. Now we just hope that we won’t need the discreetly provided bags against seasickness 😉